The Story

Black Sun is a contemporary streetwear brand founded in 2017 by Adam Roberts and Bernardo Soares. 

The designers both have very different design beliefs.

Adam is fully focused on streetwear aesthetics, fine details and quality. Whereas Bernardo has a more tailored approach, appreciating the fits and cuts with a dark approach to design.

After graduating from the world renown London College of Fashion, with degrees in Footwear Design the designers parted ways and went upon their separate journeys.

Months down the line they realised that the industry was polluted with a sense of robotism and restriction.

No freedom to create, to which came the concept "Black Sun".

The Brand was constructed as a symbol of light and hope, when times became dark for both designers. 

Black Sun represents a tailored fresh addition to the streetwear industry with a distinct focus on comfort, quality and function.

We provide innovative techniques and unique fabrics combined with modern fits to shine a new light on a saturated industry.